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Our Team

Claudia Durán

Psychologist, Family Therapist 

If there is someone who can explain something in depth of the mind, it is Claudia, a clinical psychologist, systemic family specialist, Rakirian therapist, basic and advanced courses in Ayurveda, entrepreneur, facilitator of the School of magic of Love. She teaches you not only how to do, but why to do it, she accompanies the processes of life with deep respect for her clients, assuring a transformation in the one who is committed with himself.

Rubén Pulido

Electronic Engineer, MBA -Project Manager, Entrepreneur 

An ideal professional in electronic engineering, more than 26 years automating industrial plants in different countries, MBA with emphasis on project management. 

He has prepared for more than 20 years in human development, through different methodologies. He brings a scientific and methodical way, from the physical and mathematical principles to understand mind processes and universal laws

Alfredo Besosa

Dr. Mind/Body Medicine -Harvard

An extraordinary human being who has been teaching permanently. He has been considered by Poder magazine as one of the 40 most outstanding professionals in Colombia for his work as a national and international speaker on the development of happiness as a life project, and spirituality applied to business, health, relationships and inner peace.

He will guide you to develop the best work you have done in your life.